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Let yourself be tempted by our best selection of salami to be cooked. All of them Taste Clean, Great quality, carefully selected ingredients.


The Dolce Chianina, only from fresh Chianina Meat (Aut. Min. IT003ET), is an outstanding product for real gourmet palates.

We exclusively use the hip of Chianina cattle, one of the oldest and most important breeds of cattle in Italy.

The Dolce Chianina presents a fineness of muscle fiber which lends an unparalleled gentleness to the texture and flavor. The exquisite taste of this meat is preserved and enhanced by the mild and slightly spicy marination.

La Dolce Chianina is exclusively hand processed: no machines are used because we do not want the pressure of any apparatus to alter and stress the delicacy of this excellent product.


This Pancetta, dry cured as it used to be in ancient times using only sea salt  and no preservatives, offers a  great seasoning and sweetness.

In the same tradition we still add a handle rope to hang it in our cellar. Humble in appearance, it has a spectacular taste; it is eaten thinly sliced, cut by slicing machine or sliced by hand into cubes as our grandparents used to do, but always with a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper.

Its rind, used in cooking is a common ingredient in delicious soups.

Our pancetta is made with meat of the finest domestic pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy.


Coppa is a dried cold cut which is very sweet, derived from strong Italian pigs.

The perfect seasoning, the beautiful marbling and the perfect balance of flavors, give delight and satisfaction to the fans of this great meat.


Tied manually into a natural casing and seasoned for 60 days.


 This is our selection of the Mortadella Bologna Pistachio: we call it simply BOLOGNA. It is deeply Italian, tasty, fragrant and intriguing - Always lean and flavored with pistachios.

Slice it thinly or cut  in small cubes to brighten up any any starter! Two slices of "Bologna" in a sandwich gives a great meal to help you along your day!


Speck seasoned with a delicate smoking process, leaving it tasting consistent and very balanced.


It is trimmed carefully by our master craftsmen.


Wurstel Meranesi is a long, tasty artisan sausages from Merano! Not a typical hot dog, this is a specialty of the cuisine of Trentino Alto Adige.

These sausages are prepared in the historic style by a local butcher from Sud Tirolo using an ancient recipe of a classic savory sausage of German origin.

They are prepared for a local market  which appreciates this sausage made with top quality meat (98%) , natural  smoking and a great digestibility impossible to find in its more commercial rivals.


The Wurstel Meranesi has a delicate and clear flavor, but not salty. They are easily digestible and loved by those who appreciate fine sausages for their taste, an Austro-German aroma - soft and compelling.

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