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Luigi e Angela Spreafico
Marco d' oggiono foto storica


In 1945, in a post war recovery general mood, Luigi Spreafico and his wife Angela, who already were involved in the slaughter and production of cured meats, with all the determination of people from Brianza, undertook with great passion in the production and maturation of prosciutto crudo. And that is how Prosciutto Crudo Marco d’Oggiono came to life, which has today fully entered into the great tradition of charcuterie of the Lombardy Region.

 Luigi Spreafico, after initiating and following for a lifetime the production of this sweet ham, handed over the job to the three children Dionigi, Agnese and Giulia: in recent years they have further enhanced and modernized the company.

 In 1999, Prosciutto Crudo Marco d’Oggiono got a recognition as TRADITIONAL PRODUCT FROM THE LOMBARDY REGION and as such you can find it in all the major guides of typical and traditional products of the Lombardy Region.

Always produced with the slow artisan philosophy that made it famous, Prosciutto Crudo Marco d’Oggiono is sought after on the market as a niche product for its high organoleptic quality, its excellent digestibility, the strong and intense sweetness.


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