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The beauty of this land, lying as a valuable input carpet at the solemn majesty of the Alps and Lake Como is known and recognized.

OGGIONO is located in the part of Lecco Brianza, on the shores of the same name lake and 8 km from the more famous Lake Como.

 Oggiono is one of the most beautiful towns of Alta Brianza: it is located at a height of 294 meters above sea level; is completely surrounded by a beautiful wooded mass that goes to join the Regional Park of Barro and therefore enjoys a special microclimate, relatively mild and dry in winter, and mildly cool in summer, thanks to the refreshing action of the wooded hill (mostly chestnut and locust trees).

Chiesa del Lazzaretto

Oxygenation here is great, and the natural ventilation of the hill is complemented by the beautiful lake radiation, which prevents significant temperature changes: everything seems to favor the seasoning of the prosciutto.

The dialect spoken in Brianza is brianteo (brianzoeu) and is similar to the Milan dialect.

There are quite local variations but they are always immediately understandable. These dialects are all part of Insubrian language, also called language Milanese or Western Lombarda.

The ham in "brianzoeu" is called giambőn just like in French.

Battistero Oggiono
Battistero Oggiono
Vista dal Monte Barro

 OGGIONO, ancient parish of MONTE DI BRIANZA, is the birthplace of the great painter MARCO D'OGGIONO, one of the four main students of LEONARDO DA VINCI.

Entering the town you can still see his birthplace. Continuing in the Church square, you can visit one of the greatest masterwork of the Lombard Romanesque age: the Baptistery.

Built in the eleventh century on the still visible remains of an early Christian church of the sixth century, the Baptistery presents votive frescoes of 1500. Restored by the Archaeological Cultural Association of Oggiono, it is open every first Sunday of the month, or by appointment for groups (tel. the Parish) .

This monument is part of a process of several churches of the Lombard Romanesque period.

Going up the beautiful staircase of "Piazza Alta" (the ancient walls of the medieval Oggiono) you can enjoy a spectacular view of lake Oggiono/Annone and the first foothills of the Lepontine Alps.

It is a dolomitic limestone relief of 922 m, completely isolated from the surrounding mountains and directly overlooking on the high plain; it is a real outpost of the Pre-Alps of Lombardy to the Po Valley.

 The park is a Site of Community Importance, that is one of Europe's areas of greatest importance for the conservation of nature.

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