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Here is the latest news by Marco d'Oggiono Prosciutti: The Celtic Line, to rediscover the flavors of our ancestors.

The highest quality products with a light smoke and a taste that will leave you speechless.


CARPACCIO CELTICO LA CHIANINA is an exquisite Carpaccio of beef, obtained starting from fresh certified CHIANINA meat (Aut Min IT003ET), one of the oldest and most important Italian cattle breeds.

It is a wonderful product for real gourmets.

It will be a revelation: sweet and velvety with a fineness fiber and a thin curl, which leave an unparalleled mouth-melting.


The flavor is made more intriguing by the wise tanning and a suspicion of smoke and  natural wood aromas.


Lard from large pigs (with a minimum depth of 5cm) is cured with salt and mild herbs.

Similarly prepared to the  “Lardo Alle Erbe” but with a hint of natural smoke, compelling but not intrusive.

The long curing process is ideal, in the later stages of the process it is cured in the perfect air of the hills of  of Brianza.

The freshly picked herbs distill it with mild and mature flavours and aromas which make it unique among other Italian lards.


Pancetta Cotta “La Collinetta” is a cooked pancetta rolled and lightly smoked.

It is made with meat of the finest domestic pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy. It is rolled, cooked and lightly smoked. The taste is similar to our cooked hams but the pancetta fat gives it more richness and varity, with tones of natural smoked flavors.

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