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Our Prosciutto Crudo is sweet and good: we keep saying that, but you need to try it. 

It is available in different cuts and sizes: 


Organoleptic notes:

- A very sweet taste Prosciutto

- Careful processing

- Pale pink slices, velvety cut

- Clean aftertaste, fragrant and persistent

- Excellent digestibility but especially strong unparalleled sweetness in its entirety.


Technical features:

Dry processed with very LITTLE sea salt and NO PRESERVATIVES. Natural seasoning.


We believe that an accurate deboning facilitates the user whether butcher or chef, allowing him to always have a good whole slice without smashing, even in the cuff.

As regards the forms of boned: printed decoration or it must be said that are substantially equal, only changes the preference of the customer, that we want to always and in any case satisfy; why we are available to do custom cuts on request; we would like to hope that our products are consumed optimally until the 'last slice

Cuts are various shapes and sizes and are daily processed to ensure the same fragrance you can find in the grocery store with fresh cut.





For those who still search for the comfort, our packages are hand-sliced for you. Produced daily and packed in a controlled atmosphere, to offer you the freshness of fresh cut ... you won’t be able to give up.


Fiocco” is the part of the ham obtained after removing “noce”.

This ham is very easy to slice, is ideal for those with a small slicer but requires an excellent cured ham, sweet: this is why we pay particular attention in the deboning process, we execute it with care and avoid hasty and inadequate cuts.




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